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Optimum was founded in 1992. At first, our mattresses were mainly sold in local furniture stores. The building of trust among customers and constant expansion of the product range have systematically enhanced our circle of customers, e.g. with companies making furniture or equipping hotels. Awarded numerous distinctions, both local (Lower Silesian Laurel 2002) and nationwide (Consumer Laurel 2005, Business Gazelle 2008, Reliable Company Certificate 2014), these confirm our reliability in pursuit of the company’s vision. In 2005, Optimum successfully passed the certification audit carried out by RWTÜV Systems GmbH Polska, which guarantees compliance with the quality standards in the design and production of mattresses and sofas.
Currently, Optimum is among the largest mattress manufacturers in Poland, based entirely on domestic capital. Since the founding of our business, we have focused on the satisfaction and comfort of our clients. Over 25 years of experience, research on buyers’ expectations, search for new raw materials and technologies as well as consultations with physiotherapists have allowed us to constantly improve our products. In 2017 – the jubilee year, our twenty-fifth year of business – the construction of a new factory began, to be commissioned in early 2018.



We are proud to be the leading mattress manufacturer in Poland, enjoying the recognition and trust of customers and contractors.
We build the brand’s position through:
– continuous investments in knowledge and development (knowledge of healthy sleep, appropriate selection of production technologies, raw materials);
– shaping a company based on tradition and modernity;
– creating products that meet the increasing expectations of customers, working in harmony, mutual respect and respect for the natural environment;
– cooperation with interior designers, furniture manufacturers, furniture showrooms, accommodation facilities, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes.



Our company’s mission is to provide a healthy sleep. We want to spread awareness of the need for comfort, which has a great impact on our health. We believe that a properly matched mattress and frame can significantly improve the quality of sleep, and thus – life as a whole.
Our mission is based on tradition, knowledge and the policy of quality and reliability. We are focused on continuously improving our products and expanding the community of our satisfied customers. We hope that you will acquaint yourself with our product portfolio.

Company employees and owners wish our current and future clients a peaceful and healthy sleep.

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